The growing responsibility of physicians and laboratories

In health care, the pendulum has oscillated from the individual to the social; from the emphasis on healing to the emphasis on prevention; from the citizen and community, including a transformation as passive subjects to active and critical participation. We also go beyond individual work to teamwork; and the great autonomy of the physician to be subject to the rules established by the institutions in which he performs his duties.


On the other hand, scientific and technical advances in medicine have substantially increased the power of physicians and today their decisions have greater consequences on the lives of their patients than in the past. From the selection of medical equipment to diagnosis and treatment.


Moreover, the doctor’s relationship with patients in the various settings in which this occurs also undergoes intense and irreversible changes.


Doctors today face new problems and also old problems in new circumstances that Kalstein solves to a certain extent. Some of these problems include: interventions related to initiation, prolongation and interruption of life; diagnostic and treatment procedures, which are more effective but also more dangerous if you don’t have the right quality equipment; the use of drugs that alter consciousness, mood and behaviour; the implications of human research; and, of course, the clarification of the human genome.


All, like new responsibilities for health experts, increase the level of pressure. But Kalstein came to be the key to your success, providing you with the best medical equipment.


These changes and the demands they generate within society have profoundly affected the practice of medicine and make it necessary for us to review its goals and the values that govern it. The important thing at this point is to set up a good medical equipment provider like Kalstein. Are your diagnostic equipment reliable enough?